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Dublins best kept secrets

Every Friday my language school offers the "Hidden Dublin" Tour. On this tour we discover each week another beautiful and hidden place in Dublin. On the first Friday, our teacher went with us to the famous house of James Joyces. On our second Friday we have visited a famous pharmacy, which is related to James Joyces as well. In the meantime I have seen a lot of special places through my teacher and I will add all of them to this travel report bit by bit. 

On our tour we learn a lot about the Irish history and culture, especially about the failed rebellion in 1916. Last week we have even learnt some Gaelic words. I really enjoy each tour, because our teacher is the perfect person for that "job". I believe that she knows everybody here in Dublin and she knows a lot of hidden places as well. And therefore I am looking forward to discover more hidden places and I will write down all my experiences for you.

The Dead by James Joyce

1. James Joyce House "The Dead" - 15 Usher's Island

James Joyce is one of Ireland´s most influential and celebrated writers. "The Dead" is the final short story in the 1914 collection Dubliners and the house itself is probably the most important house in world of literature. This house is the main location of his final short story and it was also the film location. In 1987, "The Dead" was adapted into a movie directed by John Huston. It was the last movie that Huston directed before he dead the same year. 

During the 1916 rebellion in Dublin, Irishmen and Irishwomen shot from the windows of this house and therefore it is an important house too. For this reason we have dressed up as a rebel. It was quite funny and we took a lot of photos. Afterwards we went upstairs to re-enact a very important scene of the short story. Gretta, one of the main characters, was standing lost in thougt of the top of the stairs, because she had heard the song "The Lass of Aughrim" and thereby she was remembered of her former relationship and she had been very much in love with him.

I am wearing the uniform of the revolution

historic Irish flag

From time to time the Dinner, which is decribed in the short story, will be re-enacted too. Therefore a chef comes to the house and cook for the invited guests. The dining room has a special atmosphere - you can feel the spirit of James Joyces, who was living in that house as well, in every corner. This is a place for people, who want to see a  house that is full of history and literature. It isn't just a place for Joyce-fanciers.

Film location: Dining room in "The Dead"

to be continued ...

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  1. Oh, I think I might have never been to this house - or at least I can't remember. It sounds like your teacher is amazing! I hope to read more of you exploring Dublin :-)


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